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America's farmers can and do provide enough for many.
Working together, we can do even more.

The new Farmers Feeding the World campaign brings together all of American agriculture and consumers throughout the United States to feed those in immediate crisis and teach the hungry, regardless of circumstance, to feed themselves.

Lend a hand by harnessing the generosity, will power, and expertise of American agriculture, we will contribute millions of dollars annually to world class organizations that teach the hungry how to feed themselves and provide food for those in immediate crises.

Our Goals:
  • Permanent hunger solutions for 140,000 people annually through agricultural development organizations like Heifer International. Learn more.
  • Immediate assistance for 25,000,000 annually through relief organizations like Feeding America. Learn more.
  • Provide education about the benefits of modern agriculture to 2,000,000 nonfarm consumers annually. Learn more.